Mass. Fiscal Post-Election Scorecard

As you may recall, our friends at the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance sent out some controversial campaign literature as part of their voter education efforts to influence the composition of the Massachusetts Legislature.

Here’s the post-election day report. Of the 1 Senate race and 19 House races listed below, the Mass. Fiscal candidate — I mean the candidate adhering most closely to Mass. Fiscal’s principles — has prevailed in two (2nd Franklin and 5th Plymouth districts). The Democratic candidate is listed first and the candidate who won is in bold.

Senate: Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex District
Anne Gobi
Michael Valanzola

House: 2nd Barnstable
Brian Mannal
Adam Chaprales

House: 2nd Bristol
Paul Heroux
Bert Buckley

House: 5th Essex
Ann-Margaret Ferrante
Michael Boucher

House: 13th Essex
Theodore Speliotis
Thomas Lyons

House: 2nd Franklin
Denise Andrews
Susannah Whipps Lee

House: 6th Hampden
Michael Finn
Nathan Bech

House: 12th Hampden
Angelo Puppolo
Robert Russell

House: 2nd Middlesex
Jim Arciero
Dennis Galvin

House: 3rd Middlesex
Kate Hogan
Paddy Dolan

House: 4th Middlesex
Danielle Gregoire
Matthew Elder

House: 8th Middlesex
Carolyn Dykema
Patricia Vanaria

House: 36th Middlesex
Colleen Garry
Cathy Richardson

House: 4th Plymouth
James Cantwell
James Pavlik

House: 5th Plymouth
Rhonda Nyman
David DeCoste

House: 6th Plymouth
Josh Cutler
Joseph Sheehan

House: 2nd Worcester
Jonathan Zlotnick
Garret Shetrawski

House: 4th Worcester
Dennis Rosa
Jacques Perrault

House: 10th Worcester
John Fernandes
Mark Reil

House: 12th Worcester
Harold Naughton
Brad Wyatt

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