The Kind of Story the Mass. GOP Dreams About?

State officials disclosed that nearly 700 inmates at state prisons and county jails have been collecting state welfare payments and another 770 may have been receiving federal Supplemental Social Security (SSI) or Medicaid benefits.

The Governor has come under fire since reports surfaced that inmates at county jails were illegally on welfare.

Under federal law, welfare checks are supposed to stop when a recipient is sent to jail. But when state officials ran a computer match between welfare rolls and the criminal records of 20,000 inmates in county jails and state prisons, they found that 699 inmates were listed as eligible for some form of state assistance.

The state’s Secretary of Health and Human Services said he did not know the cost to the state of the prison welfare fraud because it is unknown how long the recipients were simultaneously collecting welfare and serving prison time.

Well, maybe it’s the kind of story the Mass GOP dreams about, except that…the state’s Secretary of Health and Human Services who did not know how long the inmates had been receiving government benefits and therefore couldn’t determine the cost to the state was Charlie Baker, their candidate for governor this year.

You could look it up: Boston Globe, September 24, 1994.

Any volunteers to break the news to Shaunna?

One thought on “The Kind of Story the Mass. GOP Dreams About?

  1. Well, the prison systems are overwhelmed in Ca. with drug offenders HOWEVER while I think it is a noble idea and resolution to have in prison, it presents a bevy of further issues:*Prison politics: inmates have their own rules and if rehab is frowned upon, then, it is likely to be unsuccessful.*You cannot force someone who does not want to quit to do that . actually quit.*How will parole differ in order to monitor progress or regression? (drug screens?)*Drugs are still WIDELY AVAILABLE in prison just because you’re in a program is that enough?*Will there be steeper re-offense policies?I am grateful for Folsom for stepping up and trying to change the pace I PRAY this leads to new facets of discovery!

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