Turning that federal government shutdown frown upside down

My first grade teacher Mrs. McDowell told us that in difficult times we should always try to look on the bright side of things. So, on the subject of the federal government shutdown, here goes.

First, because of the shutdown, the Ku Klux Klan will not be able to hold the rally they were planning for Saturday at Gettysburg National Park, a follow-up to their Antietam gathering last month. No special event permits are being issued by the National Parks at present.

Second, E-Verify, the federal website for employers who wish to (try to) verify the immigration status of employees, is not available during the shutdown. Because the inaccurate and outdated information that the E-Verify system depends on is offline, fewer workers will be incorrectly misidentified as ineligible for employment and fired, like the woman from Minnesota who had become a citizen 20 years earlier but was still wrongly categorized by the Social Security Administration as ineligible to work. Also, fewer workers will need to make a request (or, more likely, multiple requests) under the Privacy Act to obtain access to their E-Verify records and to correct those that are erroneous, like the former U.S. Navy captain who was inexplicably flagged as ineligible by E-Verify and spent two months of his, his wife’s and his attorney’s time resolving the discrepancy. (H/T National Immigration Law Center.)

Now, don’t you feel better? Mrs. McDowell would suggest we send a thank-you note to the U.S. House of Representatives.

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