Are You a Republican and Don’t Even Know It?

Two months after their November defeats, the members of the Mass. GOP have agreed that their first order of business is to increase their share of the electorate from its current level, a “dismal” (their word) 11 percent. But, as to how to go about it, there’s lots of disagreement.

Some members are talking of “inclusiveness” and “outreach to nontraditional voting blocks,” while others believe that the party must stop its “liberal pandering” and recognize the “conservative base” as its true strength.

And one member, GOP State Committeewoman Rachel Kemp, believes that both those things are possible — simultaneously. She wants to bring the GOP message to “urban core areas” to reach blacks, women and new Americans. She also asserts that this “expansion of the voter base can be achieved without changing our message one iota…there are a lot of people out there who are Republicans and don’t even know it.”

How to tell if you are a Republican and don’t even know it? If you’re a new American and believe that you should not receive in-state tuition, even though you are a documented immigrant under federal law, you might be. If you’re a woman and believe that the law should deny you an abortion until your doctor has offered you a fetal ultrasound, you might be. And if you’re black and believe (contrary to the NAACP), that requiring a photo ID to vote is a good idea rather than a modern day poll tax, you might be.

This all sounds potentially serious, and the condition, while rare, should not be left untreated. Urge your family and friends to be tested at the earliest opportunity.

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