Do You Know Where Your Junior Senator Is?

(Update: Senator Brown just told the Springfield Republican that he supports a federal assault weapons ban. Thank you, Senator.)

The 112th Congress is still is session, but where’s Scott Brown lately? To judge from his campaign rhetoric, you might expect that the nation’s second most bipartisan senator would be in the capital hard at work on the fiscal cliff, gun control and all the other big national issues requiring bipartisan solutions.

But no. Senator Brown said his goodbyes to the Senate on December 12 and his goodbyes to his constituents via the Globe two days later. Not so much as a tweet since then.

To find him these days might cost you the price of his book. Recently, he visited a bookstore in Orleans signing copies. He brought plenty of bumperstickers and yard signs with him. While this Senate term is finished, apparently, another one beckons.

Remember Wade Boggs? Going into the last weekend of the Red Sox season in 1986, he was leading the league in batting at .357. The crown was within reach, but the Yankees’ Don Mattingly was within striking distance at .349. The Sox and Yankees would close the season with four games at Fenway, and fans were hoping for a Boggs-Mattingly mano a mano to decide the title. But Boggs was a no-show. The public explanation was a slight hamstring tear, but to hear Roger Clemens tell it, Boggs was sitting out to avoid putting his batting crown in jeopardy.

You might think that Brown would be treating this lame-duck session as an opportunity to win over new voters by, say, demonstrating bipartisanship instead of merely talking about it. But instead on policy matters he’s been largely invisible. Maybe he thinks that, like Wade Boggs, he’s sitting on an eight point lead, and staying off the field is the best way to protect it.

2 thoughts on “Do You Know Where Your Junior Senator Is?

  1. Scott’s father is in hospice and in failing health. When the Senate is not in session, he has been at his father’s bedside. Just thought you should know. Snark isn’t always in season.

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