Yo Mitt, Don Larsen was a Yankee

My kvetch of the day is the partisan double standard when it comes to knowledge of professional sports.

Everybody remembers the time Martha Coakley mistakenly said that Curt Schilling was a Yankee fan, and Dick Cheney will never let John Kerry forget that he once referred to the Green Bay Packers’ stadium as Lambert Field instead of Lambeau Field.

So why isn’t Mitt Romney still paying the price for his gaffe at the rally that sent the Red Sox off to New York to start the American League Championship Series in 2003? Claiming that baseball was “in his genes,” he went on to predict a Red Sox triumph. “History is on our side,” he said. “Don’t forget, tonight is the anniversary of Don Larsen’s perfect game.”

Um, Governor — don’t you forget that Don Larsen was pitching for the Yankees when he threw that perfect game back in 1956.

(Baseball is in Romney’s genes, all right. Along with small varmint hunting.)

(Source: Boston Herald, October 9, 2003.)

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