Howie Carr Introduces “Dems for Brown”

In case you missed it, a Friday press release by the Scott Brown campaign announced the Democrats for Brown Coalition, “featuring prominent Democratic leaders throughout Massachusetts.”

Really — prominent Democratic leaders? For starters, nearly all of them have the word “former” before their titles (as in, “Former State Rep. Bob Ambler of Weymouth.” When State Rep. Bob Ambler retired from the Legislature in 1990, Wade Boggs and Bill Buckner were still with the Red Sox). Setting aside the issue of “prominence” just for the moment, Senator Brown says he is “truly honored to receive the support of so many Democratic leaders across our state,” and that he believes that we need “more bridge-builders and fewer rock throwers” around here.

Speaking of rock-throwers, you know who would have an opinion about these obscure supporters from across the aisle? Howie Carr. Who else has made a living for the past few decades disparaging Democrats? Plus which, Scott Brown is one of his best buds. Scott was on the radio show just a couple weeks ago, and the two of them talked about their 15 years of friendship and how they need more bumper stickers at the radio station and how when Scott was in the State Senate, Howie was a constitutent, and on and on. (Scott was particularly excited that day about the planned endorsement by boxer Mickey Ward, a Lowell hero — but then something went tragically wrong when Mickey Ward looked into Scott’s record.)

So, with Howie Carr as our guide, let’s meet three of the Democrats for Brown whom you wouldn’t know otherwise.

First up, Former Rep. Geoffrey Hall (D-Westford), a member of the House from 1990 to 2008. In August, 1997, Howie ridiculed him over misspellings in a congratulatory letter he had sent to high school graduates.

Forget GED testing for high-school seniors. Let’s require it for state reps. Below are excerpts from a form letter recently sent out by Rep. Geoffrey Hall (D-Westford) to new high school grads in his district. What an honor for the class of ’97, because Rep. Hall is not just your average rank-and-file state rep. He is a chairman, a title that once would have meant that he was a cut above your basic ham-and-egger who only cares about his next time or his upcoming appearance at wet T-shirt night…God forbid Mistah Chairman Hall should lose his slot at the public trough.

Next, Rep. Paul Casey (D-Winchester), a member of the House from 1988 to 2008. In June 1999, Howie excoriated Casey, then the chairman of the Public Service Committee over a state pension bill the Committee released:

The hacks call it the “kiss in the mail” – their monthly pension check. And this week, the head hacks in the Legislature floated a grand new idea….Rep. Paul Casey, the House chairman of the Public Service Committee, out of which this legislation emerged, was called for comment.

An aide said he doesn’t “do interviews.”

Yeah, right.

But he does do orders – from Tom Finneran.

And finally, come on down, Rep. Anthony Verga (D-Gloucester). A member of the House from 1994 to 2008, Verga worked briefly in the House Clerk’s office after losing his re-election fight. From March, 2009:

Hey, ex-Rep. Tony Verga – beware the Ides of March.

Tony is the three-watt bulb who after 28 years in the Legislature retired in January due to ill health – the voters in Gloucester got sick of him. He must have had a premonition, because during the last debate before the primary he suddenly began quoting Marc Antony’s funeral oration for Julius Caesar – “the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.”

The 73-year-old solon then told his puzzled constituents, “I kinda feel like Julius Caesar, because I’ve worked my tail off for Gloucester, Rockport and Essex, and I see you want to take my bones and bury them and any good that I did.”

The difference between Tony and Caesar is that the latter was buried in the Forum, while Tony has been interred in the House clerk’s office, for $40,000 a year.

His title: “senior assistant aide to the clerk.” You can always tell how ridiculous a state job is by the number of diminutives the description includes. Tony’s new job title has three, counting “aide.”

There you have three introductions (there are more) from one of Scott’s friends. We offer them not for their truth, certainly, but merely to suggest, given his closeness to the author, how “truly honored” the Senator must be by the support.

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