Three Reasons I Hope Mayor Menino Does the Right Thing Soon

Three reasons this part-time Bostonian (I work in the city but live outside of it), hopes that the Mayor does the right thing on the U.S. Senate endorsement — and soon.

1. Gun control. Scott Brown opposes federal assault weapons ban that the Mayor supports for good reason.

2. Voter ID. Scott Brown is a long-time supporter of Voter ID laws, which disproportionately deny minority, poor and elderly voters their right to vote. This is a state rather than a federal issue, but doesn’t Boston (a majority-minority city, after all) deserve a U.S. Senator who wants every eligible voter to be able to cast a ballot?

3. Economic fairness. While serving as a State Senator, Scott Brown described his job as making “sure the Governor doesn’t slash the budget on the backs of the towns to save the cities” (Globe, 10/26/08). Some of the towns in his State Senate district (like Sherborn, Wayland and Wellesley), are doing very, very well: the average per capita income there is higher than the average household income is in Boston. I wish I thought that Brown’s views on economic equality have fundamentally changed now that he represents the entire state. Is there any evidence that they have?

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