Senate Roll Call Vote on Substitute Amendment to Study Bottle Bill

As part of its debate on the budget for the coming fiscal year, the State Senate today had a vigorous debate on expanding the Bottle Bill to include non-carbonated beverages. Here’s the roll call vote on a substitute amendment that was offered to study the bottle bill instead of expanding it. A “yes” vote for the study was effectively a “no” vote against expanding the bottle bill. The vote is interesting for a lot of reasons, including the fact that the Republican members split 2 to 2 and the Democratic members split 20 to 13. Such bipartisanship does not happen all that often.

A karmic suggestion: My Senator, who generally votes consistently with my political point of view, did not do that tonight. I could — and might still — call his or her office tomorrow to express disappointment. But in the big picture, it would be so much more effective for the cause if those of you whose Senators did vote the right way would call them tomorrow and thank them. Positive reinforcement is an underdeployed weapon in the State House.

Yes (22): Brewer, Candaras, Chandler, Clark, DiDomenico, Donoghue, Finegold, Flanagan, Hart, Kennedy, Knapik, McGee, Moore M., Moore R., Pacheco, Petruccelli, Rodrigues, Rosenberg, Spilka, Tarr, Timilty, Welch.

No (15): Brownsberger, Chang-Diaz, Creem, Donnelly, Downing, Eldridge, Fargo, Hedlund, Jehlen, Joyce, Keenan, Montigny, Ross, Rush, Wolf.

To get to the total of 40 Senators: Senators Berry and Murray did not vote. Senator Steven Baddour resigned earlier this year.

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