Senate Roll Call on Today’s Single Payer Amendment

In favor (15): Brownsberger, Chang-Diaz, Clark, Creem, DiDominico, Donnelly, Downing, Eldridge, Fargo, Jehlen, McGee, Montigny, Pacheco, Rosenberg, Wolf

Opposed (22): Berry, Brewer, Candaras, Chandler, Finegold, Flanagan, Hart, Hedlund, Joyce, Keenan, Kennedy, Knapik, Michael Moore, Richard Moore, Petruccelli, Rodrigues, Ross, Rush, Spilka, Tarr, Timilty, Welch.

This adds up to 37. For the total of 40:

Senator Donoghue did not vote, Senate President Murray did not vote, Senator Steven Baddour resigned recently.

4 thoughts on “Senate Roll Call on Today’s Single Payer Amendment

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  2. Shame on Mike Rush. He votes against this and claims to be a Democrat when he is also anti-choice regarding abortion, against equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples AND has voted for tax breaks for the rich and big business. More like a Republican than a Democrat.

  3. Wayne, Mike was a Republican in college at Providence and as a teacher at CM. He’s been a Democrat since he went into politics.

    He’s everybodys’ favorite son. It”d take a strong candidate to get him out office but I think a concerted effort could get him to move to the left.

    I called his office before the vote and asked how he planned to vote. His aid said she hadn’t spoken with him about the amendment but she would, and she’d call me back. It didn’t happen. Next time I’ll call back and ask for an answer.

    Mike collected a Senate paycheck the entire time he was serving in Iraq.

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