Yes, Virginia, Massachusetts is watching you

Seems like everybody’s talking about mandated health insurance benefits and women’s reproductive issues these days. Anything happening here in the City On A Hill on that score? Well yes, two things.

In the health insurance field, legislators have filed bills to allow insurance companies offer plans that include fewer mandates about which medical benefits are covered, the idea being that mandates are not necessarily a good thing either economically or medically. The bill would require that, before any new medical benefit could be mandated, a study be made not only of the financial impact of the proposed mandate but also its medical efficacy — to see whether it improves the quality of patient care.

For fifteen of the legislators who support this restriction on mandates, however, there’s one medical benefit (if that’s the right term) that is not being mandated now and should be. A different bill these fifteen legislators also support would prohibit a pregnant woman from having an abortion until she has had an “opportunity for an ultrasound so that she can view her fetus and see its heart beat.”

The legislators who apparently believe that this mandate would pass the new test while others would fail? Adams, Barrows, Boldyga, deMacedo, Frost, Harrington, Hill, Humason, Hunt, Kuros, Levy, Lombardo, Peterson, Poirier, Smola.

One thought on “Yes, Virginia, Massachusetts is watching you

  1. The first bill seems to make law defining a required process for subsequent legislatures regarding what is included in mandatory coverage. What they’re requiring by law is what we expect from good government and yet it’s a freedom-killing requirement for one legislature to put on the next. As is usual, the real purpose is not what it appears on it’s face, and the result is not necessarily better government.

    The second piece of legislation is the same kind of intrusive big government Virginia just enacted. It is government REQUIRING female patients to undergo a medically unnecessary procedure as a prerequisite for access to abortion services. I call this the Republicans-In-Your-VaJayJay law.

    Maybe we should try to pass an amendment to the the Republicans-in-your-VaJayJay law that would require men to sign a consent form before sex with a woman that documents his consent to share the cost of any child that might be conceived on a 50/50 basis with the woman until the child is age 18. That, or an amendment that requires a man to get a rectal probe exam before he can have a viagra prescription, and prescription renewal.

    It makes me sick that the Massachusetts Republican party has become as extreme a the GOP in other parts of the country. .

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