Scott Brown Works the Media Refs

Scott Brown complained to the Boston Herald this week that the media is not nearly as tough on Elizabeth Warren as it is on him. “Every single day of my existence,” he moaned, “I get tough questions from you guys.”

Tough questions? And every single day? Well, maybe not on the day of this interview. The Herald reporter can be heard agreeing with him that the media really ought to be harder on Warren. While this probably felt totally validating to Scott, it undermined his claim some, too.

And here’s another day when Brown did not get tough questions from the media. This story, which appeared in the North Adams Transcriptlast January, is a masterpiece of the media softball genre, and it’s of special interest because Brown consigliere Dan Winslow once recommended it for its “great insight into why Scott Brown will overwhelmingly be reelected United States Senator. And why he deserves to be.” OK then.

The story covers a visit Brown made to Western Massachusetts just after a snowstorm. He and North Adams Mayor Richard “Red” Alcombright visited Jack’s Hot Dog Stand, where he paid for everybody’s lunch and also fielded these inquiries from the Transcript reporter.

Question: Are you fazed by the snowstorm?

Answer: “We’re from New England, so the snow shouldn’t matter,” he said. “It’s a beautiful snow, which is an inconvenience for some of us. I think many residents are enjoying a day off from work, but for me, it’s another day in the office.

Question: Did you make the trip to Western Massachusetts in the “infamous” truck?

Answer: “The truck’s at home for my kids – it has four-wheel drive,” he said, referring to daughters, Ayla, 22 and Arianna, 20. “I talked with them earlier. They’re enjoying a day off in front of the fire, watching television.”

Question: How did your wife like the fan letter that Mayor Alcombright’s mother sent to her?

Answer: “She got a real kick out of it.”

Question: Do you have a comment on the hot-dog eating record at Jack’s – 26 in one hour?

Answer: “That’s a lot of hot dogs.”

Tough questions from the media every single day of his existence? Now that’s a lot of hot dogs.

(Crossposted at Blue Mass Group)

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